We have finalized our design to go into test. The next phase is to build a scale prototype for tank testing. We are gathering the materials for the construction of a scale model 

approximately 5 meter span. During testing I expect we will have changes but I am excited that we are going forward with a good design for scale trials. Soon we will be publishing videos of our progress. 

Thanks to all for your support as we are getting closer to creating Our Cleaner Planet. 




I am glad to announce that the 1:160 scaled prototype is nearing completion. We have completed 80% of the prelaunch tests and expect to have the remainder completed in the following weeks. 

Tank testing will consist of:

· Running the filtration system at scaled speeds with plastic concentrations varying from 10 to 200% of normal capacity 

· Speed checks with Array partly and fully deployed

· Steering checks with Array fully deployed down to a scaled speed of ½ Km per hour

· Varying sea states with the array fully deployed from calm to moderate

So, as you can see we are going to be having our hands full for the next few weeks.